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The Cops for Kids Safety Program

The program stresses the importance of teachers and parents properly educating the children in these valuable and critical life skills. The modules are designed for appropriate grade levels and will cover the pertinent categories on safety in a fun, interactive program learned at school and followed up at home.

Together with the teacher and the parent, the Cops for Kids Safety program takes the children through real life skill situations. It provides a resource for teachers and police officers to use in schools and a opportunity for families at home to make sure their children understand the principles of safety in all aspects of their lives.

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For Teachers

The Cops for Kids Safety program provides the classroom instruction materials and activities for you to lead your students to discuss and discover the key concepts of safety. When you log in you will have access to the curriculum files and be able to manage your class list, student logins and monitor test results.

For Students

After your fun, interactive learning experience in your classroom, show your parents what you've learned by logging in at home and going through the online quiz. When you're done, print out your own certificate to show you're SAFETY SMART!

For Parents

Give the children every chance to have the safety skills they learn from you, bolstered at school, then brought home again for further reinforcement. Sit with your child as they take the quizzes and talk about the lessons they've learned.

Make your community a safer place to live for the children, for now and for the future.
Be Smart, Be Safe

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